Why it’s so cheap:

Script costs you $5, our fee is only 10% of your site’s traffic.


Listings groups (Premium, Trial, Free and other). Administrator can enable or disable any group.
Add, Edit, Approve or Decline listings.
After a site submission administrator receives a notification and should approve the site listing.
Info sections: Text Ads, Our Logo, New Listings, News, Payment systems, Partner Sites.
And many other features!

Design & Personalization:

Flexible template system allows you to easily change the design.
Customize your e-mails by including the members’ name, e-mail, e-gold account, registration date and other information.


  • Any platform.
  • PHP 5.3-5.6
  • MySQL database 5.1+.


1. Download the archive.
2. Upload the files from the archive
to your server.
Upload all the files in BINARY mode only.
3. Create a tmpl_c folder and set
777 permissions for it.
4. Run the install.php script and
follow the instructions.



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